Welcome to the first issue of Fruit!

Fruit came about because of a lack. As queer writers ourselves, it was frustrating to find so few easily accessible, UK-based queer literary magazines. We were looking for a journal which was free to read, free to submit to, and which didn’t set restrictions on content or form; something able to showcase the diversity of queer writing that’s going on.

And so we decided to make our own journal. An inclusive space where emerging and established writers from anywhere would be welcome. A space where queer readers could feel seen and queer writers could be seen.

Fruit is the result. In this issue, you’ll find poetry, fiction, memoir, critique – and so much overlap that we decided not to categorise the contents. There’s writing about art, HIV, relationships, and plenty of consideration of the self and the place of the self in society.

Thanks for visiting – we hope you enjoy the writing. And huge thanks to everyone who submitted work, when we were nothing but a call out on social media. 

The editors

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