The Journal

Fruit is a bi-annual journal publishing queer authors, with an emphasis on unheard voices. ‘Queer authors’ are LGBTQI+. ‘Unheard voices’ means writing for which there are few platforms. This includes work by minority-identifying authors within the LGBTQI+ community, such as people of colour, people with disabilities, trans* and working class writers. It also means emerging authors and rule-breaking writing. While providing a platform for queer writing, Fruit is also a space for interaction and exchange. So we always work with contributors to edit their writing for publication and we also run events. Fruit welcomes work in English from anywhere. Since Fruit is based in Manchester (UK), we are especially keen to promote writing from the North of England. To find out more about the Journal, check out this lovely interview.

The Editors

Guest editing issue 5 are Madeleine Han (she/her) and Irene Hsu (they). Madeleine is a writer and researcher. She co-facilitates a high school writing workshop with Irene Hsu in the Bay Area, where they both grew up. Irene is a writer and researcher with one foot in South Bay and the other in Brooklyn.

Fruit is co-ordinated by Tom White. Tom is currently working on a practice-based PhD on reparative poetics. He’s particularly interested in writing that queers language. Favourite poets include Julian Talamantez Brolaski, Caroline Bergvall and CAConrad. He also enjoys the taboo-breaking and genre-blurring work of Samuel R. Delany.

Tawseef Khan completed a doctoral thesis on sexual identity and the British asylum system in 2016. His book on Islamophobia and Muslim identity is forthcoming from Atlantic Books in 2021. He is especially looking forward to reading submissions that bring the personal and political together in interesting, hybrid forms. Some of his favourite examples of this include writing by Edouard Louis, Maggie Nelson, Yuko Tsushima, Julian Fuks and J.M. Coetzee.

Hannah Levene is currently undertaking a PhD in Creative Writing exploring butch and Yiddish texts. She is interested in writing at the intersection and welcomes submissions of wildly experimental prose from underrepresented members of the queer community. The book she returns to once a year is Inferno by Eileen Myles. 


We want the Journal to be an inclusive space, and we aim to make it accessible. That is why the Journal is free to access. In addition, a PDF of the issue is downloadable from the Home page and audio files of the content can be found beneath each piece of writing.


This project is supported by a grant from Superbia at Manchester Pride. Superbia Grants provide financial support for LGBT events as part of Manchester Pride’s commitment to the quality and diversity of cultural events taking place throughout the year in Greater Manchester.

If you have any questions or comments, email us at: fruit.journal@yahoo.com