Issue 5 is being guest edited by Madeleine Han and Irene Hsu. Please read the submission criteria carefully before submitting.

When to Submit

We are open for submissions on the theme of INGESTION until 31st January 2022.

Who Can Submit

Anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+ is welcome. We’re particularly keen to platform underrepresented voices. This includes people of colour, trans* and working class authors, and writers with disabilities.

What to Submit

This issue of Fruit, we want your pieces about INGESTION: to take through the mouth, to be swallowed up inside-out, to let pass through, to morph through eating, to become possessed via consumption. We’re inspired by Chihoro’s parents gorging on spirit food in Spirited Away. Choi Min-sik stuffing an octopus down his throat. Communing through mukbang. Binging on K-dramas until the wee hours. Your daily vitamin regimen. Tide pods and mini jelly cups. The light during a favorite meal. If you care for maize, maize cares for you. Corn befriending beans. Eating beans among twinkling, twinges, fringes. How to think through orifices. The “hole history of sweet” as the history of enslavement. White families who fear “Chinese” lead. Toxic bodies, body neutrality. The rarest of senses: the sense of wholeness. Smelly lunches and stinky garlic breath. Sucking lychee flesh. Cherry-picking-knotty-kissing. Chen Chen’s gay sippers. Poly with tortillas. Eating a poem. Eating the road. Eating the military industrial complex. The tongue as a motherless zone of deformation. Eating farty salads. Eating an egg and then eating another. Anxious, uneasy, uneaten fritters. Acid reflux. A spoiled appetite. The desire to stuff oneself in grief. 

Creative Writing

For us, ‘queer writing’ is disruptive and boundary breaking. We like to read stories which haven’t been told before and stories told in new ways. For example, there are plenty of ‘coming out’ narratives around; we’d only be interested in reading one if it did something new – either by being formally innovative or by presenting a different perspective. We look for writing which disrupts, breaks and plays with language. All kinds of text-based work is welcome, including poetry, short fiction, non-fiction and hybrid pieces. There are no restrictions on what you send us but since this is an inclusive space, we reject prejudiced views.


If there’s a book, pamphlet or online text that you love and want to tell people about, we’d like to hear from you. Feel free to pitch us your idea.


We’re always looking for amazing cover art. If you have something you’d like to see on the front of the Journal, let us know! There is also a page within the Journal to feature more of your artwork and ideas.


  • Prose word limit: 3000 (shorter pieces preferred).
  • Poetry line limit: 100.
  • Review line limit: 1500.
  • You’re welcome to submit one or more pieces of work up to the word or line limit.
  • Please present your writing in .doc or .docx format if possible.
  • Please include a short biography in your email.
  • If you are a writer based in the North of England, let us know; we’re committed to publishing local talent.
  • Simultaneous submissions accepted (but please notify us if your piece is accepted elsewhere).
  • We don’t accept previously published work.

What We Offer

If your submission is accepted, we’ll work closely with you on edits so that your work is the best it can be. We offer feedback to PoC writers, regardless of whether the work is accepted for publication or not. We regret that we cannot pay contributors at this time (though we are applying for funding) but in order to recognise your labour, any donations made to Fruit will be divided equally among contributors.

Submissions should be emailed to: