It’s Like

[Jay Délise]

like a change is gonna come         like finding my identity in treasure chests
and stitching the pieces together on my back                       so the world will know
I am 
      like writing the poems that will save the world 
   like putting the world on a spin cycle                          to wash out all the bad places, and 
                        leaving love in the pockets of children with big minds                 
        like tying balloons onto the chins of black boys 
                                                                                           like deliverance will come in white people with
  micro braids                    like every poet that writes a poem about their dad 
    like my life is the equivalent of building a bookshelf                                    with not enough 
screws and directions that are just pictures 
letting my scars testify 
rolling my shoulders back 
telling my mother I love her 
putting coconut oil in my hair
                                     like loving ourselves                                      
centering ourselves in the conversation
like realizing that some things are not for us
like writing poems

Jay Délise is a US/UK based poet and performer creating in the combined world of theatre, poetry, and storytelling. A native of the Jersey Shore, Jay is a poet who has received national recognition for her writing. As a Scholastic Art and Writing Awards National Gold Key recipient, Jay has performed at locations including The United Nations, The Schomburg Center, Pulitzer Center, and Carnegie Hall. Her work has been highlighted around the world and in publications including Afropunk, Broadway World, Vagabond City, Glass Poetry Press, and Huffington Post. Her solo spoken word show Black, And… premiered at the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival in July 2019 and was nominated for both ‘Best Newcomer’ and ‘Best Spoken Word’ at the Manchester Fringe Awards. Jay is a poet and a teaching artist, but more importantly, she is black and magic.

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