[Peter Scalpello]


oppressed  &  hypersexual,  i

question  what’s  the  link

between  violence  &  homoero

ticism  as  the  boiler  churns.

you  fucking  love  me  &  say

it  again,  hard  knuckle

my  back  so  sheets  dampen  in

taps  to  the  romance  of

sacrifice.  the  rumour  of

sobriety  allows  no  ritual,  so

our  love  is  not  default.
my  tiny  existence  this

headstand,  &  tongue  with

your  dna.  carry  it  like

rainwater  weighs  down  the

river.  like  we  get  all  dress

ed  up  &  then  can’t  leave

the  house.  how  can  you  say

love  so  much  although  i’m

not  enough?  how  can

don’t  tell  anyone  mean

that  was  all  i’ve  ever

dreamed  of

Peter Scalpello is a queer poet and sexual health therapist from Glasgow, currently living and working in East London. His work has been published internationally. His debut pamphlets will be published by Broken Sleep Books in March 2021. Tweets here.

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