Five Images

[Frank Duffy]

Aching in the heat I remember: it has been a long time since I tasted pomegranate 
I descend cool stone steps 
A moment of dark transition 
A sensious glow draws me further down
I ease into the juicy memory of rubies bursting on my tongue

Frank Duffy is a non-binary trans illustrator, graphic designer, printmaker and witch based in rural west Wales. Their personal practice is centred around the belief that queerness and magic both exist in a liminal space, a place regarded by heteronormativity as a location of uncertainty, disruption, fear and power. Their image-making and writing emanates from that space. They sell paintings and hand-printed limited-edition prints here; more work can be found on their Instagram. They also have a Patreon where they share images and writing on the subjects of queerness and witchcraft.

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