Madeleine Han & Irene Hsu

tiny tykes: burr edition [Madeleine Han & Irene Hsu]. Performed by ak hayakawa geshlider, jas lin, Aanchal Saraf, Jill J. Tan & Andy Tan-Delli Cicchi

The writers: Madeleine Han (she/her) is a writer and researcher. She co-facilitates a high school writing workshop with Irene Hsu in the Bay Area, where they both grew up. Irene Hsu (they) is a writer and researcher with one foot in South Bay and the other in Brooklyn.

The performers: ak hayakawa geshlider picks a burr out of a dog paw about once every three weeks. jas lin is a big baby in pursuit of feeling both freedom and safety. they are a performance artist and choreographer based on tongva land (los angeles) remembering fluid and feral ways of moving, being, sensing, and knowing. Aanchal Saraf is still a gulf coast gremlin despite a near decade on the east coast Jill J. Tan is a writer, artist, and anthropologist living and making things between Singapore and New Haven. Andy Tan-Delli Cicchi (he/him) is a writer and researcher currently based in Iowa City, Iowa.

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