I hope you fuck your car

[Elspeth Wilson]

Statistically speaking
some of you are dead by now
and yet I am still living

with your words etched
down my margins
written over with Harry Styles quotes

and a spine bent back into place –
I have shown my tits to people
who didn’t exist
solely in the window of
sticky imaginings
you drive by slowly
but I am greyhound-built
for racing away and towards
candy-floss muffs; my words!
I hope you fuck your car.

Elspeth is a Scottish writer and researcher who is new to poetry and feels like she’s always been missing it. In 2019, her work was shortlisted for the Streetcake Experimental Writing Prize, nominated for Best of the Net and commended in a Young Poets Network Challenge. She also enjoys writing fiction and non-fiction, and her current nature writing project Places that Heal was recently long-listed for the Nan Shepherd Prize.

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