Issue 2

August 2020



Five Images [Frank Duffy]

Oeux [Jiaqi Kang]

It’s Like [Jay Délise]

Love Story [Catherine Madden]

The Health Proxy Conversation [Alexandra Bildsoe]

English Breakfast & Instructions on Sharing a Bed [Stephanie Dogfoot]

Real Together & I Am [Alicia Byrne Keane]

Shower Scene 2 [Ashley Barr]

The Oval Canteen [Avrina Prabala-Joslin]

sin pertenecer [Isa Condo-Olvera]

Of Course [Brett Darling]

in all eventuals / there will be singing & Venus of the underfunded hospital [Ali Graham]

An Eye Contact Simulator [Sarah Dawson & JD Howse]

tend / er [Peter Scalpello]

In the Ember Months [Deji Payne]

Chorizo [Jonathan Pizarro]

what a shame, [Kostya Tsolakis]


Cover art by Frank Duffy

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